Acting Minister's Biography



Biography of H.E Mobarez Rashidi, Acting Minister of Counter Narcotics

H.E. Mobarez Rashidi son of Mohammad Azim was born in 1350 Hijri in an intellectual and religious family in the center of Sar-e- Pol province.
He spent his Childhood with the lap of his late father who was a religious and intellectual figure , and as well as a great jihadist of the province. He completed his primary, secondary and high school in Menhaj Seraj high school in Sar-e-Pol province.

Mr. Rashidi holds a PhD degree in culture and Islamic studies from a university of Iran.

Mr. Rashdi as freedom of expression activist was appointed as Deputy Minister for Publication in MoIC by President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in 2007. He performed his duty for seven years in healthy manner and brought lots of enrichment in the publication of the Ministry. He struggled to strengthen and support freedom of expression in respect to the Afghanistan constitution and Mass Media Law. His aim was to establish professional media, promote democracy and support human right in particular women right in the country.

Mr. Rashidi published many articles in local media in the fields of philosophy, law, politics, jurisprudence, principles, religious affairs and democracy and as well as presented some of them in methodical conferences and meetings.

Recently he appointed as Acting Minister and Nominee for MCN through decree No. 5047 President of GoIRA, dated 08/08/1392. He received vote of confidence on 26 December 2013 from parliament for the nominated post.