Acting Minister's Biography


Biography of HE Acting CN Minister, Haroon Rashid Sherzad

Haroon Rashid Sherzad was born into a family of relative affluence in Sherzad district of Nangarhar province in 1976. His father Din Mohammad Khan famous as lieutenant Abd Ur Rashid Khan was a well know person of the time government. He entered politics after twelve years of technical capacity resulting in positive, innovative plans and ideas which turned into programs benefiting many sectors within the government. Formerly, he was the National Program Officer for Counter Narcotics in United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Afghanistan. He also worked as the Director General Policy and Coordination and Director of Strategic Communication in the Ministry of Counter Narcotics, in addition to, Security, Development and Governance adviser to the Chief of Staff of the President of Afghanistan; Regional Desk Director in General Directorate of Counter Narcotics of National Security Council. Haroon Rashid Sherzad became Deputy Minister of Policy and Coordination in the Ministry of Counter Narcotics in Nov 2012.

Over the last twelve years, Deputy Minister Sherzad has been involved at national, regional and international level for eliminating the drug economy, security, governance and development in Afghanistan and had a very strong contribution is development of the National Drug Control Strategy and other Counter Narcotics thematic policies of Alternative Livelihoods, Drug Demand Reduction, Law Enforcement, Public Awareness, Regional and International Cooperation and drafted Government’s Counter Narcotics Communication Strategy in Afghanistan. Currently, he is working on developing Counter Narcotics Regional Strategy in consultation with national and international partners. He authored, “A Broadcasting Model for Afghanistan based on its National Development Strategy”, based on applied research, and is published in international market. He is co-author of “Counter Narcotics Public Information Manual for Planners and Implementers.” He is drafting three (soon to be published) books on: 1) “Communication Strategy for Development Program”, 2) “Monitoring and Evaluation in Public Awareness Campaigns in Afghanistan,” and 3) “Counter Narcotics: Realities and Challenges.”

Deputy Minister Rashid was educated at a private school, Edwards High School, during his migration in Pakistan. He holds a Bachelors of Art in Journalism from Kabul University. Following, he was granted a Fulbright scholarship to Ohio University, USA and received a Master of Arts in Media Management and Communication for Development. When studied abroad, he never lost sight of the cultural dynamics of his nation in which he focused his studies on Afghanistan. He has also attended many courses and workshops relevant to his past and prior work in Afghanistan and in many developed and developing countries, prime examples are: study tour in Hiroshima, Japan, to study post-conflict recovery and rehabilitation, study tour in Thailand to understand elimination of drug economy, study tour in Colombia to understand counter narcotics multidimensional interventions.

Haroon Rashid Sherzad has had the honor and privilege to chair numerous positions within the social awareness sector where he identify and strengthen the society’s core competencies. Currently, Deputy Minister Sherzad is the chairman of OOMAT, Afghanistan National IDEA, and civil society. He is actively involved in civic, political and international associations that focus on the needs of Afghanistan. He is native in the two local languages: Pashto and Dari. He is also fluent in Hindi and English.

In addition to the national languages, Haroon Rashid Sherzad is also fluent in English and Hindi.

It’s worth mentioning that Haroon Rashid Sherzad has an open hand in poetry and documentation, some of his texts has already been published in different websites. He is currently working to draft the book “One City and Hundred Stories” which is based and reflects the trues life events.

Haroon Rashid Sherzad is married and has six children, five sons and a daughter.

Haroon Rashid Sherzad became the Acting CN Minister based on the presidential decree number 29, Dated 1st December 2014.