President Karzai's choices receive votes of confidence

 President Hamid Karzai All five cabinet choices for cabinet members and both SC high council votes won trust from the house of people to the Lawmakers on Wednesday after Presenting visit their future programs.

Din Mohammad Mubarez Rashedi, nominee minister for the ministry of counternarcotic with 166 votes in favor, Shaker Kargar 163, as minister of commerce and Industries, Zarar Ahmad Usmani with 173 votes as minister of foreign affairs, Mohammad Akbar Barekzai with 164 votes for the ministry of mines and Petroleum and Mohamamd Aref Norzai with 177 votes for the ministry of water and power could receive onverwhilmign majority of the votes from the house of people.

The house of people also gave trust votes for the two Supreme Court high council nominees members-Din Mohammad Guran and Abdul Qader Adalatkhaw-respectively winning 147 and 160 votes from the upper house.

The eligible votes for each nominee ministers and those of suggested for the SCHC should win at least 116 verdicts from lawmakers.

President Karzai had earlier appointed the five as the acting ministers after some ministers resigned of their offices to run for presidential or deputy presidential elections.

Zalmai Rassoul as minister of foreign affairs and Anwarul Haq Ahadi minister of commerce and industries left their office to run for presidential election, while Mohammad Ismael Khan as minister of water and power Wahidullah Shahrani minister of mines and petroleum resigned of their posts and registered their names with the Independent Election Commission (IEC).

Zarar Ahmad Usmani was working for the ministry of counter-narcotics, Mohammad Shaker Kargar as the minister as Afghanistan ambassador to Azerbaijan, Mohammad Aref Norzai, former MP while Din Mohammad Mubarez Rashedi and Mohammad Akbar Barekai respectively as deputy ministers of mines and petroleum and information and culture.