Al-Biruni University Agriculture Building Inauguration

Building of Agriculture Department, Al-Biruni University worth 670 thousand dollars built from MCN Good Performance Initiatives (GPI) budget, was inaugurated.

A ceremony held on this occasion in Kapisa province with participation of Engineer Mohammad Ibrahim Azhar MCN Finance and Admin Deputy Minister, General Mehrabudin Safi Kapisa acting governor, Iqbal Safi senator in upper house, Farid Barnayar Al-Biruni University Dean, Abdul Alim Ayar counter narcotics provincial director, provincial council representatives, governmental organizations directors and tribal influential.

Engineer Mohammad Ibrahim Azhar MCN Finance and Admin Deputy Minister while inaugurating the project requested Kapisa people to completely eliminate poppy in this province, Mr. Azhar by emphasizing on counter narcotics said: “This is one of the MCN achievements in Kapisa province, the department building is completed, inaugurated and utilized.”

In the ceremony, Kapisa acting governor, Al-Biruni University Dean and some audience also spoke and thanked MCN for constructing the department building.

It worth mentioning that Kapisa is one of those provinces made good efforts on countering narcotics and due to this reason MCN under GPI has allocated US$ 2791729 to  support development projects in this province, until now 6 projects (construction of Al-Biruni agriculture department building, survey and design of province central road, construction of a medical clinic in Geyawa village of Nejrab district, construction of maternity 20 bed hospital in Mullah Khail village of Hese Awal-e-Kohistan district, 20 bed addicts treatment hospital in province center and construction of a school including 24 classes in Durnama village of Kapisa) have been implemented, approximately 60% of these projects completed. Five other projects have also been completed; two other projects are under procurement process.