Coordination Meeting With Supporting Organizations in Fight Against Narcotics

Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MCN) conducted a meeting on international community and organizations’ cooperation in fight against narcotics.

After welcoming the guests and thanking them for attending the meeting, Mrs. Azimi stated that the narcotics phenomenon does not recognize borders and has presented itself as a huge threat to the world by risking the lives of people of Afghanistan and the world.

Mrs. Azimi added: “The traffickers that benefit most from the business and trafficking of narcotics are the ones who sponsor terrorism and other insurgent groups who threaten the world’s security.”

Baaz Mohammad Ahmadi, the Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs stated: “Narcotics remains as a huge challenge at regional and international level, leading to continued war and terrorism.”

The government of Afghanistan is strongly committed in fight against narcotics and hopes that the international community also shares the commitment and takes narcotics as seriously as they take terrorism as it is not possible to overcome this challenge without international cooperation.

Mr. Ahmadi added: “We have high achievements in all aspects of fight against narcotics, but the achievements are too minor in comparison to the challenges, which is why the capacity should be enhanced.”

Feda Mohammad Paykan, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Public Health stated: “Addiction has become a serious health challenge in the world, in which Afghanistan is also included.”

He added: “The number of addicts is highly alarming, and the increase in drug addiction can lead to spread of dangerous diseases. We are working towards this, however, our efforts are not sufficient, and addressing this problem also requires the long-term commitment from international community.”

Having termed cultivation of narcotics as a barrier to cultivation of legal and halal products, Hamadullah Hamdard, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Agriculture stated: “Narcotics cultivation makes Afghanistan dependent on foreign countries’ exports which leads to continued war and conflict and consolidates terrorism.” He requested the international community to take these threats seriously and help Afghanistan in this regard.

Javid Ahmad Qaem, Deputy Minister of Policy and Coordination at Ministry of Counter Narcotics presented the expectations of MCN through a presentation along with specific challenges and suggestions to the donors.

Not to mention, this program was conducted on 16th May, 2017 at (GMIC) Qasre Marmarin government media complex, with initiative taken by Regional and International Cooperation Directorate at MCN, with presence of Mrs. Salamat Azimi, the Minister of MCN, Baaz Mohammad Ahmadi, the Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs, Feda Mohammad Paykan, Deputy Minister of Public Health, Hamadullah Hamdard, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Javid Ahmad Qaem, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Counter Narcotics, and embassies and international organizations’ representatives.