Counter Narcotics Minister Visits with Mrs. Medaise Chief of the Counter Narcotics Department of U.S Embassy Kabul.

   Professor Salamt Azimi minister of Counter Narcotics visited Mrs. Medaise chief of the counter narcotics department of the U.S embassy in Kabul on the continuation of the United States` cooperation on counter narcotics with this ministry have met and discussed.

   In this meeting Jaweed Ahmad Qayem Deputy minister on Plan and Policy, Said Faisal Husainy Deputy minister on Finance and administration, Dawood Zeya chief of the head office, and Nazirqul Mirza ex-chief of the head office had participated.

  Minister of the Counter Narcotics while thanks giving on the proclamation of continuation of U.S cooperation with ministry of Counter Narcotics, said: I.N.L`s Cooperation of U.S embassy with Information & Public Communication Directorate of ministry of Counter Narcotics through Sayaara Strategic Office in implementation of practical practice plans of the third part (Common participation on the fight against drugs),and is very important for us which its implementation has a great impact both on Afghanistan and U.S Govt. Achievements and outcomes.

   Mrs. Azimi added: Government of Afghanistan and The president of Afghanistan himself tonight through a video conference will describe the practical plan of Counter Narcotics, and the duties and responsibilities of the sector-al ministries and securities` and the subjects contained in the practical plan.   Mrs. Azimi said: Govt. of Afghanistan wishes that these cooperation’s repeatedly continues and United States of America should cooperate Govt. of Afghanistan more than past in terms of counter narcotics.

     Mrs. Medaise Chief of the Counter Narcotics Department of the U.S Embassy reminded from continued cooperation for the next three years and explaining their programs through the conference on 6th to 8th Feb. for the period of three days by presence of Chief Office of the I.N.L ;U.S embassy located in Washington D.C with the participation of the minister of counter Narcotics and her leading team and deputies of sector-al ministries specially ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Agriculture and husbandry in Kabul on the program of appreciation from good performance GPI  and Public awareness from the dangers and harms of the narcotic drugs and several relevant programs of this office about the fight against drugs.

  Minister of the Counter Narcotics asserted in a saying that ministry of Counter Narcotics on the days of the conference that will be held by the Department of the Counter Narcotics of the Embassy of the United States in Kabul will present a presentation on the Action Program of Counter Narcotics for the participants in the” Conference of the Continued Cooperation between U.S and Afghanistan on the fight against drugs”.  Mrs. Azimi minister of the Counter Narcotics also suggested to U.S embassy to include the subject of curing female addicts and their families in their agenda in the conference and speak about the matter.

    Mrs. Medayes though proclaim of agreeing with ministry of counter narcotics requests said: other than this the subjects in (DDR) conference will also contain, on the relevant following topics:

1)      How to send ambulation survey team of addicts?

2)      Transporting of addicts in the curing centers

    She also reported that there will be two more conference on alternative livelihood and one more program in this month.

    Mrs. Azimi , besides her talks, gave information from early starting of the Investigation Process about Women and child addicts in zones and requested from chief of the counter narcotics department of the U.S embassy in Kabul for a long term investigation with cooperation of central statistics and ministry of Public Health about addicts families so as to according to its results the maximum addicts of the country should be cured.

   In this meeting the risk management has been mentioned about as well. This meeting was held on Monday 06/10/1395 by the participation of Mrs. Medyes, chief of the counter narcotics department of the U.S embassy in Kabul and Mr. John from the U.S embassy, Jaweed Ahmad Qayem deputy minister on plan and policy, Sayed Faisal Husainy, deputy minister on Finance and Administration, Dawood Zeya Head of the office of the ministry, Nazirqul Mirza ex- Head of the office of the ministry.