Delegation from Czech Republic visits Minister of Counter Narcotics

The Ministry of counter narcotics met the delegation from Czech Republic and talked about the aids of the country in the field of counter narcotics efforts.
This meeting was held on 14/9/1395 in which Salamat Azimi The minister of counter narcotics, (Mr. Tandrikh Vibrail) and his accompanying delegation, Jawed Ahmad Qaim deputy minister on policy  and plan and Fahim Tanmis the chief advisor of the ministry of counter narcotics had attended.
Besides appreciating the cultural aids from the Czech Republic, the minister of counter narcotics added: "The problem of narcotics is not that of Afghanistan only, but relates to the whole world." He further added: "in this special General assembly off United nation for Narcotics which was held during the current year, all the attending countries including Czech republic had promised their assistance and we hope the Czech Republic starts it's assistance in any field of counter narcotics they want."
The minister of the counter narcotics suggested that the Czech delegation to assist the ministry in one of the sections such as research and studies, establishing clinics, public awareness or any other section they want.
Providing information about week of National counter narcotics campaign and reminding initiation of the aids of the countries such as China and Japan and continuation aids of United States of America England and Denmark; the minister of counter narcotics expected the start of the aids promised in meetings by the countries in the European Union especially that of Czech Republic.
Beside reminding their previous aids to Afghanistan, the delegation from Czech Republic added: " these aids will continue till the end of 2017 and from the year 2018 the policy and amount of the aids by Czech Republic will vary with the previous aids.
The Czech delegation further added: "The Czech Republic is interested to centralize and offer its aids on a specific project in coordination with other donors and we are trying to get aids from other European countries and the world."

While giving information about the results of a research to the minister of counter narcotics the delegation told:" The purpose behind this research is to decrease the level of addiction and to promote the level of awareness among the staff employed in addiction treatment sector according to this research, the policies drawn are accountable not only to addiction section but also to higher degrees than that and the result of this research will be announced through a press conference."

He Further added:" based on this research (exchange treatment) is very effective which is very rare and we want to develop it in cooperation with you, also another important thing is having a model clinic for curing the addicted people and lowering the level of their injuries by bringing in specialists from abroad.