Organizing Civil Society and Women`s Gathering in order to Eradicate Drugs and Violence against Women

Ministry of Counter Narcotics with coordination of Ministry of Women and Affaires organized Civil Society and Women`s Gathering in order to Eradicate Drugs and Violence against Women.

   On the inauguration of the gathering Mrs. Salamat Azimi minister of counter narcotics besides pointing women`s high Position from religion and scholars point of view; said Drugs are the biggest cause of violence against women and Mrs.  Azimi said, the victims of the violence which it is biggest factor are drugs are women which it includes 2.9 percent of female addicts, and we have a responsibility to keep healthy and progressive society, and fulfill our tasks and duties.

   Mrs. Azimi said to all women of Afghanistan that the fight against drugs is not only the responsibility of government officials but it is the responsibility of all women and mothers to do their duty against drugs and violence against women. She included that the pre- elements of the drug manufacturing companies, demands and many other important issues related to the drugs doesn`t  exist in Afghanistan but it comes from abroad.  Afghanistan`s women wants serious attention of the United Nations towards drugs of Afghanistan and the United Nation has to put in action the commitments they have made in this regards.

      Mrs. Dilbar Nazary minister of Women and Affaires in addition of giving information about a 16 days Campaign on the elimination of violence against women which this ministry had organized said: We should pay serious attention on two issues first on counter narcotics and secondly on violence against women which this two topics have very close relation to each other and even the biggest factor of violence, specially violence against women are narcotics. Mrs. Nazary in addition of counting the existence factors of narcotics, she said that the narcotics are an international challenge and fighting it, is all communities` duty and she declared herself as committed.

    Deputy Minister of Public Work and Disable Affaires, and Afghan Women network Organization Metaphorically enlisted drugs as a silent Tsunami and said Afghanistan War is a narcotics war and economic disadvantage, social and specially health lose is a great challenge.  Also they pointed that narcotics are the biggest factors of violence against women.

     Adela Bahram advisor of president`s office on civil society said: Whatever that threatens our natural and spiritual goods and belongings are narcotics. She added that face to face fight is much simpler that the fight against drugs especially it is addicts that has aimed our values. She requested from all governmental and non-govermental organizations, national and international,  and the people of Afghanistan so as to do their parts in this struggle and prevent from the violence that its factor is narcotics especially violence against women.

    Zohra Yusof Afghanistan first lady`s advisor  besides briefing about first ladies office`s works and achievements about counter narcotics, said it had ample of success and she waned from medias just like foreign medias to do their  national duty on counter narcotics and broadcast it for free and arrange it besides their other programs.

   Worth saying that a video message of the first lady on counter narcotics and on  eradication of violence against women had been played for the audience.

     Worth mentioning that this gathering was held on 6th December 2016 with the participation of Mrs. Salamat Azimi, minister of the counter narcotics, Mrs. Dilbar Nazary minister of Women and Affaires, Adela Bahram advisor of president`s office on civil society, Zohra Yusof Afghanistan first lady`s advisor and delegate from ministry of Public Work and Disabled Affaires, Chief and delegates of Afghan Women network Organization,  Jawid Ahmad Qayeem deputy minister of counter narcotics, and delegates from civil societies had participated, which was Organized in the ministry of Women and affairs.