Organizing Extraordinary Meeting on the Elimination of Puppy Cultivation Planning

        Ministry of counter narcotics organized its first extraordinary meeting on the elimination of poppy cultivation planning for the years of 1395 and 1396 by the participation of the two provinces Kabul and Kapisa and several Central concerned organizations’ officials.

     In this meeting Professor Salamat Azimi minister of Counter Narcotics, delegates of ministry of Interior, National Defense, Local Department, Jaweed Ahmad Qayeem deputy minister on plan & policy, Said Faisal Husainy deputy minister of counter narcotics on finance and administration, deputies of Kabul and Kapisa provinces and district and provincial authorities and other concerned departments were present.

       At first Ms. Azimi in addition of emphasize that the fight against drugs is all communities’ duty, said: next year there is going to be no cultivation of drugs in the six provinces having least cultivation of drugs and they will be puppy free. Ms. Azimi emphasized on the relationship between terrorism and narcotics and she said that drugs are the most reliable source of financing terrorism and war in Afghanistan and stability of Afghanistan depends on the elimination of narcotics from this country. She said the reason of selecting these six provinces (Kabul, Kapisa, Balkh, Jozjan, Herat and Baghlan) is the decision of the National Unity Government leaders and implementation of this plan is necessary.

         Ms. Azimi added that the first meeting was with the officials of Kabul and Kapisa provinces and its district official. In order to coordinate with elder’s religious scholars and people we will be able to avoid poppy cultivation and incase of farmer’s negligence we will use our last option of eradication of puppy cultivated areas. Ms. Azimi in addition of describing the ministry of counter narcotics achievements in all sections requested from all governmental and non-governmental departments and people to perform their duty of faith and conscious and rescue the people of Afghanistan especially the youth who are productive force of the country.  

    General Emamudeen motmayeen representative of Counter Narcotics department in ministry of internal affairs and division Commander (111), Major general Abdul Nasir Zeyayee: Said the cooperation between people and the government is the only and best option of Counter narcotics.

    Ms. Azimi emphasized on the implementation of public awareness campaign, providing more equipment and security forces for the Counter Narcotics, sustainable alternative livelihood programs, law enforcement , prosecution of land owners; smugglers and peasants which despite of repeated warnings they cultivate drugs and she emphasized on prevention of importing precursors to Afghanistan.

    Kabul and Kapisa Deputies while counting the ways to eradicate the growing problem in the previous year that were diagnosed during the group work. They have announced their full preparation for complete elimination of narcotics.

    Jaweed Ahmad Qayeem deputy minister of counter narcotics on Plan and Policy besides of emphasise on seriousness of National Unity Government leader’s decision, Said: there are 20 provinces cultivating puppy and next year six provinces are going to be puppy free Inshaallah, which we have started our coordinating gatherings with those provinces and this is our first meeting. At the end of the meeting a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Ministry of Counter Narcotics and deputies of the provinces of Kabul and Kapisa on Eradication Program.