History MCN

The Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MCN) was established in early 2005, having previously been the Counter Narcotics Directorate (CND). CND was established under the National Security Council in October 2002 and became fully operational in January 2003. The mandate of the MCN is to coordinate all counter-narcotics (CN) activities and programs of the Government of Afghanistan with other Ministries, independent bodies, and other concerned organizations.

The MCN is the leading Ministry in CN affairs, and is responsible for coordination, evaluation and implementation of the Counter Narcotics law and the National Drugs Control Strategy (NDCS) in concerned Ministries and organizations, and adopting required measures in the relevant central and provincial offices. The MCN is responsible for evaluation and update of the NDCS with the assistance provided by other Ministries and institutions.

The Ministry reports quarterly to the Government on the results obtained from the evaluation of the activities and performances of the concerned organizations in combating narcotics drugs. Together with the Ministry of Finance,, MCN coordinates and is responsible for the management and implementation of the Counter Narcotics Trust Fund (CNTF). In addition, MCN coordinates the annual budget of the NDCS with the Ministry of Finance (MoF)

The Ministry has eight (8) pillars of activity under the NDCS: Institution Building, Law Enforcement, International and Regional Cooperation, Eradication, Public Awareness, Alternative Livelihoods, Criminal Justice and Demand Reduction.