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Dr. Javid Ahmad Qaem Biography

Javid A. Qaem is a Fulbright Scholar from Afghanistan. He is born in Helmand, Afghanistan, in 1980. He is a talented young Afghan equipped with skills in human resources management, project management, policy analysis and development, public administration reforms, urban and rural development and change management.

He completed his Bachelor’s degree in 2007 from Kabul Medical University. He has done EMBA from Preston University, Pakistan, in 2008. Later, he was selected for Fulbright Scholarship and traveled to The United States to study Master’s in Public Administration in Arizona State University. He graduated from ASU in 2012. He achieved his third Master’s from University of Turino, Italy, in Management of Development. In addition, he is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has a one-year post-grade diploma in Rural Sustainable Development from University of Hyderabad, India.

He has started his career as ESL teacher in Kabul Center. Later on, for couple of years, he worked in BBC, Pajhowk Afghan News Agency and some local NGOs.

He joined National Solidarity Program in January 2006 as Head of HRD Unit. Afterwards in September 2007, he started working for The Asia Foundation as HR Team Lead /Change Agent to reform the HR Directorates in the President’s Office and Office of Administrative Affairs. In the last month of 2008, he joined Ministry of Agriculture (MAIL) as an advisor to the Minister and later he was appointed as Director of Human Resources in the same Ministry. Upon his return from US, he again joined MAIL as Coordinator for change management programs and in October 2011, he was selected as project director for a World Bank funded project called Afghanistan’s Agriculture Input Project (AAIP). In June 2013, he was appointed as Director General of Policy and Programs for MAIL. He stayed in this job until his recent appointment as Deputy Minister for Policy and Coordination for the Ministry of Counter-Narcotics.

During his career, he was able to bring necessary changes in HR processes in the President’s Office. He was able to successfully implement reform programs in MAIL. He with the help of a team developed a proposal for change management of the Ministry. It was approved and around $100 million was secured for the project which helped the Ministry in building its capacity and introducing necessary structural changes. It enormously increased Ministry’s efficiency and effectiveness. He was also able to draft the legal, policy and strategic framework of the Ministry. He developed many policies and strategies for MAIL. One of his biggest achievements is that for the first time, MAIL could produce the Land Cover Map of Afghanistan under his leadership.   

Mr. Qaem is also socially very active. He was the President of the International Fulbright Association while he was in ASU.  Currently, he is an active member of the Fulbright Association in Kabul. He is part of many other social movements and gatherings.