Minister's Biography

Description: of Salamat Azimi

Minster of Counter Narcotics

HE Salamat Azimi D/O Mohammad Azim born in Ankhoi district of Faryab province in an intellectual family in 1965. After graduating from Abu-Muslim Khurasani High School in1982,she subsequently started her higher education in Kabul University and earned her BA degree from law and political science faculty. She received her Master Degree from Payam-e-Noor International University in 2014.

Professor Phanwal Salamat Azimi has written a lot of scientific works.Her experiences in various governmental and non-governmental organizations are as follow:

Professional member of legislation department and interstate right, institute of legislative and scientific research Affairs in Ministry of Justice, law and political science instructor of Balkh University, member of scientific council of Balkh University, member of scientific board, deputy of law and political science faculty of Balkh University, member of scientific council, law and political science faculty quality assurance member of Balkh University, head of the department of private and penal law department in Balkh University, representative of Balkh University in emergency Loya Jerga held in 2003, member of national peace consultative Jerga of Balkh held in 2011, member of traditional Loya Jerga from Balkh province held in 2012, member of consultative Jerga (Bilateral Security Agreement BSA) held in 2014, human rights commissioner in northern Afghanistan in support of children rights, member of lawyers association of Balkh province, director of Aryana lawyers association, head of the association for women lawyers and specialists in Balkh province.

Mrs. Azimi has been in different political circumstances in the country and has suffered a lot to honestly be at service of the people of Afghanistan.

She has also participated in numerous seminars, conferences and workshops on capacity building, women’s right in accordance with the country law, the right for women political participation, management and policies, good governance, children’s right, international conventions, the universal declaration of human rights, women and children right from Islam viewpoint held in the country or abroad.

She is married and has two sons and three daughters, her native language is Uzbiki, she is fluent in national languages (Dari and Pashto) and she is acquainted with English language.

Based on the decree No. 5 dated 21 April 2015, H.E. professor Salamat Azimi was appointed as Minister of Counter Narcotics by president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.